‘We’ve got your back’

Ergolates is a new exercise method and educational programme devised by some of the UK’s leading health and ergonomic experts, to bring you a unique technique made up of modified Pilates and Physiotherapy movements, nerve mobilisations, stretches and breathing techniques. We are an Ergonomic consultancy offering businesses, and self-employed people help and advice to improve posture and workstation setups whilst at work or at home.

Ergolates helps you to;

  • Learn about ergonomics and corrects your posture at work
  • Increase core strength and balance
  • Improve your posture and flexibility
  • Combat stiff joints and improve mobility
  • Improve circulation and breathing
  • Release tension and tightness
  • Sculpt and tone your body
  • Decrease stress levels
  • Avoid RSI
  • Boost Productivity at work through mindfulness techniques

Who can benefit?

If you find yourself sitting up straight when you read this, then Ergolates is for you. The class is beneficial to anyone who leads a sedentary lifestyle or regularly sits at a desk for prolonged hours. Frequent users of gadgets, laptops, games, tablets and mobile phones will also benefit, so yes, that probably means YOU!

We believe prevention is better than cure, and that it’s good working practice to invest some quality time looking after your core strength, spine and posture.

Digital Detox

The pressures of working longer hours, taking less breaks and increased dependency on technology have all contributed to a rise in back, wrist and neck pain. ‘iPhone Finger and Blackberry Thumb’ are now common complaints. Ergolates works with specific hand, neck and back strengthening exercises to help prepare us for our essential daily activities. We will encourage you to move around more and take regular breaks from your devices too.


Ergolates Core Values

Our courses, classes and workshops will teach you about our core values, to help encourage healthier habits at work and throughout daily life.

  • Ergonomics
  • Movement
  • Mindfulness
  • De-stress
  • Balance
  • Breath
  • Relax